How to practice a speech

How to practice a speech:

Mastering public speaking includes building body or muscle memory. Learn how to “feel” and then control the timing and flow of speaking by developing good practice habits

  1. Deliver your speech out loud, from beginning to end. Out loud is key. What’s in a speaker’s head doesn’t necessarily match what comes out of a speaker’s mouth. Time warps during speeches. Out loud helps build body memory. Don’t stop even if you get flustered. Note the time in case you need to cut or add.
  2. Edit. Make sure to meet the assignment (purpose or situation) and time requirements. Cut the parts that felt like “gravel” or felt awkward to say out loud. Remember, oral English and essay English are different!
  3. Practice out loud AGAIN. Practice a total of four times.
  4. Make your presentation or video.

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